It’s a Package Deal

Over the past weeks much has been said about the engagement of actress Gabrielle Union and NBA player Dwyane Wade. That talk has been with great speculation about the timing and reason for their formal agreement to wed. Even “bigger” news entangled in the announcement of love was the birth of Dwyane’s new baby boy, … Continue reading It’s a Package Deal

Ready for Love

This Valentine's Day, I'm not hiding, hatin' or singing the blues!  I am ready for love and I say it loudly and proudly!  I'm reminded of the bible verse in Proverbs 18:21 "death and life are in the power of the tongue" and I speak life.  Love is life!  I am love because I know … Continue reading Ready for Love

Duty to report child abuse or neglect

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is not until April, but in light of the recent child deaths at the hand of a parent or caregiver, I felt compelled to get a jump start with this blog on the duty to report child abuse or neglect. (1)  Who is required to report?                    Both professionals … Continue reading Duty to report child abuse or neglect