Grandparents’ Rights

            What rights do grandparents have to visit with their grandchildren? To begin with, grandparents have no automatic rights.  This is because it’s presumed that the parent of the child acts in the child’s best interests when allowing or not allowing a grandparent visitation.  Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t see your grandchildren, but … Continue reading Grandparents’ Rights

50 Random Things About Me [updated 2020]

Favorite quote – “Think for yourself” – MomMother of 1 and a half (my niece is the daughter I always wanted)I have no middle nameYoungest of 4 girls; always wanted a big brotherI love the color red because it’s bold and speaks courageI am remarried because God restoresI am loyal; sometimes to my detriment. But … Continue reading 50 Random Things About Me [updated 2020]